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 The Party was Fun & sucessful. The next ten years of creativity begins now!

The Redwood Playhouse is celebrating ten years of creativity-

Since 2013, The portion of the Sprowel Creek Road school building in Garberville dedicated as a public space has been governed by a 501c3 non-profit board of directors.

The board, current board; Joshua Golden, Charley Custer, Gary Quinn, Cynthany Windw
alker, Peter Atherton, and Becky Wolverton, with community advisors, are responsible for the management of the Playhouse as a public trust, maintaining a common space that has become a vital element in Southern Humboldt.

The building has a special and unique role in our community, constructed with public funds as “New Deal” project in 1939, the campus was used for many years as the Garberville school, later housing The Osprey Learning Center. Routinely used for public events, performances, and a Teen Center before being purchased from the school district by The College of the Redwoods. The community college invested in a renovation of the facility and encouraged the vision of playhouse organizers. Current property owners, The Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District have continued to support both our vision and investment in the infrastructure of the building.
With an increasing inventory of theatrical technical equipment the Playhouse is performance ready, and can be configured for a variety of events. We  offer low-cost rentals for gatherings, meetings, classes, rehearsals, and performance. Our website has more details, and lists activities and availability on the calendar at:

Our Vision:
" To Create a dynamic
Theatrical venue where we foster
& support opportunities in
the performing arts
that inspire, educate,
& empower our community."

Over the past ten years,

The Redwood Playhouse, a 501c3 Non-Profit,

managed by a volunteer board of directors
has become a versatile and well equipped

performance and event space.

Highlights include:

  • A 24’ x 26’ traditional proscenium stage, with a light blue cyclorama or black curtain.

  • And  36 ’x 62’  additional floor space.

  • A versatile seating system that can accommodate traditional theater seating, theater in the round, or other configurations.

  • 144 seats (48 theater sets, 96 folding chairs)

  • A lobby area

  • An ETC lighting board with a 6 color LED wash on both the stage and the floor, with additional specials.

  • 5 wireless mics, with 7 additional inputs, including Bluetooth and USB

  • HDMI projector- adaptable to DVD player or computer.

  • Nine 4”x 8’ risers which can used as tiered seating or as stage extensions.

  • A Small service kitchen

  • ADA compliant.

For the safety of our community, good sense,

and common courtesy, The Redwood Playhouse policy is:

all renters, at minimum adhere to current

public health guidelines and directives implemented

to limit the spread of Covid-19.

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