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An Introduction to the Playhouse

for the first-time renter.

You will have the opportunity for a walk-through explanation with the Hall Manager- These items will be covered:


If an event is going to require access to the parking lot, the renter is  responsible for opening  and closing it after the last of the vehicles related to their event is gone.  If it is a day-time event that is occurring within school hours and a class is occurring (easy to tell by walking down the hall), then the gate should be left open.

The parking lot combination also works for the gates to the right of the theater entrance, which would be used for wheelchair access to the main floor of the Playhouse.

The half--circle drive is a fire-access lane and should not be used for event parking.

You will have access to the key box,  combination, when the key is used open the door- Always return the key immediately.  Confirm all the doors are locked when leaving the building.

Use the white rocker switch to turn on the installed light by the front door.  The switch to the above fluorescent light should not be used.  

The sandwich board (“No Parking, Fire Lane) is just inside the Playhouse.  should be posted out front before people are expected to arrive, and brought back in when the event is over.

If needed, tie one of the curtains so that you can see to cross the floor to the main 3 light switches by the stairs leading to the CR hallway.  Turn them on.  these lights are the type of light that cannot be turned off and right back on.  That there is a cooling time required. If there is an event immediately following yours, or very soon after,  leave the lights on.

If you will need the heater, ask how to turn it on/off.

The tables and folding chairs are available for use.  Do not move the chair rack if it is more than half loaded as it damages the floor.

If the upholstered theater seats are to be used.  They move in units of four  on their slider platforms.  If it is an event for children, we prefer to not allow children on the theater seats, or for adults to actively supervise their use, to prevent children with food or drink on the seats.

If you need the stage: Be aware of and respect  property stored backstage.  If it is a children’s event, then children will not be allowed on the stage or backstage.

If you require the use of our sound system, or our digital projector ask us to arrange a time to show how to access and use the equipment.

The exit to the hall that leads to the restrooms, locks  automatically, and needs to be propped open for access back in. 

The exit to the outside by the kitchen is used as an ADA access. 


The kitchen is not approved for public food preparation, but may be used as a staging area for food service, & includes:
large & small coffee makers, refrigerator,

Electric water kettle, water dispenser, hot pot for tea, hand towels,
garbage bags, utensils, & popcorn maker


There are two small white garbage cans (one in kitchen and one just outside kitchen on main floor).  

Two cans marked for garbage and two for recyclables.

You are responsible for garbage & recyclables and must remove from the site any generated during your event or performance, & reinstall plastic bags in all the garbage and recycle cans .


Make sure the Playhouse is clean, especially check the kitchen.

Make sure the garbage cans and the recycling cans are (mostly) empty



Clean-up after yourself and report any damage.

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