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Artemis Girls Camp funded by community grant.

The Redwood Playhouse and Artemis Girls Camp want to thank the Summer Youth Program Funding Partners for their generous grant in support of our “tweens and teens” program. The partners are Humboldt Area Foundation St. Joseph's Health System, Humboldt County, MacLean Foundation and the Smullin Foundation, whose grant in support the Artemis Girls Camp helps the youth of our community to expand their experiences locally. Thank you for your commitment to the youth of the North Coast! Artemis Girls Camp is presented by Redwood Playhouse and led by Jessica Ruebin for "tweens and teens” (10+.) The purpose of this 3-day/week, 2 week camp, culminating in a benefit performance on June 30, is to teach empowerment through expression and performing arts. Camp dates are June 20, 21, 22; June 27, 28, 29 from 10am-1pm. For more information on registration and scholarships, please contact

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