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The spirits of the stage smiled upon us...

Rigo Lopez, of Marysville California, is honored for the massive action he took in the building of the Redwood Playhouse. Curtains, lights, paint, chairs, floors, sound and so many other unique building needs that go into a community theatre. Rigo did it all, and was there from the beginning.

Quiet, humble, unassuming, Rigo assembled the physical pieces that made the Redwood Playhouse into versatile community venue it is today. He did All this over the last 5 years as he, and his wife Kathy, worked and raised 5 kids in the Sacramento area. Their oldest daughter celebrates her Quinceañera (15 years old) this April.

The spirits of the stage smiled upon uswhen they sent Rigo our way. He made the building of the playhouse seem easy, while working hard, using his mind and his hands to figure out how all these parts fit together. Thanks for everything Rigo. Blessing to you and your family. You did a wonderful thing and are one of the hero’s of Garberville’s Redwood Playhouse.

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