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Redwood Playhouse News

Due to rain the Southern Humboldt Unified School District held the graduation ceremonies of the Junior High School at the Redwood Playhouse. Congratulations grads!

We hosted a Town Hall meeting with Representative Jared Huffman. The meeting was lively and well attended.

The Artemis Girls Camp is happening in June. The camp, designed for 'tween and teen girls to learn empowerment through performing arts, was partially funded by a grant from Humboldt Area Foundation, St. Joseph’s Health System, Humboldt County, McLean Foundation and the Smullin Foundation. (The funds will be used to pay the teacher, Jessie Rubin, and for scholarships.{should I keep this in?}) This is the first grant we have received for a program that takes place at our site, we look forward to sponsoring future programs. Thanks to Kaitlin Osborn for helping to secure these funds. Jessie Rubin will present a performance on June 30 at 7pm at the Playhouse to raise funds for future girls’ camps. Barley Waters will lead an Actors Studio Workshop on Sundays from June 11 to July 30 from 1-3pm. Participants will improve their skills, play acting and improv games, hone their sense of humor and create skits as well as have fun with people who like to laugh. On July 1, at 7pm, there will be a film about the Standing Rock Sioux and their struggle to prevent a pipeline from being built across their land. The evening is a fund raiser for their efforts. On August 13, at 5pm, the Lost Coast Interpretive Association will present the Wild and Scenic Film Festival. This festival, started by the South Yuba River Citizens League as a way to explore environmental issues through an exciting and influential medium, is the largest festival of it’s kind. It will tour extensively throughout the country. In addition to these events, we host Zumba, Tabata, Aikido and rehearsals for a readers theatre production of Waiting For Godot which will take place in September.

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