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The Redwood Playhouse in Garberville is a wonderful venue for classes, parties, weddings, memorials and of course, musical and theatrical rehearsals and performances. There is equipment available for screening movies, a sound system and small kitchen. Here’s an update on what’s been going on there. December was an eventful month. SoHum Dancing presented their show “Winter Wonderland, The Magic Dollshop.” Another popular event was the New Year's Eve Family Party presented by Redwoods Rural and Royal Roots. Young and old danced the day away. Currently, in addition to ongoing Tabata and Aikido classes, two performing arts groups are rehearsing for their upcoming shows. Feet First will present their show, Feet First Takes Broadway on Thursday and Friday, January 8 and 9 at 7pm and Saturday and Sunday, January 10 and 11 at 2pm. All of their dances originated on the Broadway stage. Random People Theatre Project just held auditions for their upcoming show which will take place on March 16, 17, 18. The show is a collection of short scripts written, directed and acted by local folks. Recycled Youth presents a viewing of the DVD of their latest production, “Showdown in Mudville.” on Saturday, January 27 at noon and Dragon heart Tang Soo Do will hold several workshops in the space. On March 23 at 8pm, Alice DiMicele will appear with Rob Kohler on bass & Nick Kirby on drums. Seating is limited, so check our Facebook page for a link to tickets. On March 25 at 3pm, the Lost Coast Interpretive Center will present a lecture and film. Redwood Playhouse congratulates the Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District for its agreement to buy the old schoolhouse and grounds in Garberville, where all of these activities have come to life. We're excited to deepen our ties with the hospital, because they've been supportive friends and neighbors from our beginnings. Our very first meeting to organize what's become the Redwood Playhouse took place in the hospital's Dimmick Room in 2010. Later the hospital became our first tenant, by sponsoring the popular daily Tabata exercise classes free of charge for community wellness. We're grateful for all they do for our communities, including recognizing and pledging to maintain the Playhouse as the valuable community asset it's become. We look forward to our closer relationship. For more information on any of these classes and events, go to or call 498-2777.

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